2016 - The Year of Action

Yes, 2016 is here and I’m back in full effect, friend. I had a relaxing time off with family, friends, and myself. I hope you did too. While I was on vacation, the Chicago Sun-Times wrote an article on the Charisse Says Show, featuring my Executive Producer, Kia Coleman, and me. Check it out if you missed it. We’re grateful for the opportunity to put out original content and be recognized. Last week, though, the stock market had the worst start, EVER – but fret not, we will get through this with strategy and tactics.

Many people use the new calendar year to set resolutions and goals. I use it to get reflect on my life and imagine how I want it be at the end of the following year. I made this switch after working with a career/life coach.

Whatever floats your boat to get ‘er done for yourself works for me. However, I am introducing a theme for all of us to rally behind - 2016 is the (Drum roll, please)……



In order to do the things and be the person you want, you must ACT. And, when it comes to having the life you want, having the monetary resources to execute is key. I want you to imagine what you want for yourself at the end of 2016, and work backwards to figure out how you will get it.

If you want more money to start (or re-invest) in your business, support your child’s upbringing and dreams, take care of an aging parent, or have more cushion to take advantage of opportunity, you must ACT.

Every week, I will share one action item that I’ve taken to act in my own financial journey or comment on event from pop-culture or news that can spur you into action.

Charisse’s Action for the Week

I checked out my 401k plan because I wanted to see if I needed to rebalance it. My portfolio was down 4.1%. I chose not to rebalance yet because the weights in my respective funds did not move more than 5%.

What Are You Doing?

Please share your thoughts on my theme for this year in the comments section below – I’d love to hear from you. And, if you have a question or comment related to your 401k plan, let’s talk about it in the comments section.

2016 is going to a great year – I can feel it. I look forward to journeying with you.