Courses Overview

Learning the ins-and-outs of wealth-building can be daunting. There are several different tools, strategies, and types of investments to be consumed by. My courses demystify how to build wealth and get you on a path that best suited for your personal goals. Learn more about upcoming classes and join the waitlist below.

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NEXT LEVEL: How to Make Money in the Stock Market (Online Course)

  • Want to do more than just dabble in stocks haphazardly?
  • Worried about not having enough money for retirement?
  • Are your kids' college savings plans (e.g. 529) not well funded, or funded at all?
  • Tired of trading hours for dollars and feeling like you still have boo boo money?
  • Can’t pursue your dreams because you haven’t figured out how to make your money work for you?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it's time for you to get serious about stock market investing. Sound investing requires spending time conducting research and developing a personal investing strategy. If you can do this effectively on your own for free, then go ahead. If you're looking for a better way, sign up for this class:

  • 8 week online class, including videos, exercises and bonus content

  • Taught by Charisse, who made a lot of money in stocks for a $10 billion portfolio on Wall Street

  • Learn how to make money in the stock market using your current budget

  • Join weekly group calls with Charisse to get your investment questions answered

  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee


Budgeting Course Thumbnail.png

Better Than A Budget: How to Allocate Your Money to Invest and Live Life Well

This class is all about giving you a framework to set money aside for investing, and living life well. My framework is called SIPPin’ & Livin’.

And, you’ll learn several tactics on how to achieve your investing goals by making the most of the SIPPin’ & Livin’ Framework. This will blow your mind. Forget budgeting, this is all about allocation. I’m turning this budgeting thing on its head.

  • 4 week online class, including videos, exercises and bonus content
  • Learn Charisse’s proprietary SIPPin' (Save, Invest, Protect, and Pay down)  & Livin' strategy to allocate your cash and make room for investing
  • Build your own SIPPin' & Livin' worksheet using proprietary template
  • Set-up a personal inventory of all of your accounts to execute on the SIPPin' & Livin' strategy
  • 2 live group calls with Charisse
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee



More Coming Soon!

Throughout the rest of 2018 I'll be adding more course offerings. Is there something you've been wanting to learn about specifically regarding wealth-creation? Let me know below so that I can continue to provide more targeted content and resources to help you reach your goals.