Invest in Lean Hogs or Tesla?

We have reached the end of the first quarter of 2016 – oh my! Did you stick to your guns in this year of action and invest in the stock market when it was down in mid-February? If you did, you probably enjoyed a double-digit return over the last month and a half. Share your badass story in the comments section below so others will be encouraged. If you didn’t invest, ask yourself why you stayed on the sidelines. It’s OK because there are many reasons – fear, too many choices, or you just forgot – that prevent many people from jumping in. Or, maybe you just didn’t have the cash – very plausible and I’ve been there. Remember that you have to be intentional when it comes to investing and I’m here to help.

To keep it going or start, it’s important to know what you want to invest in (or not).

How About Those Lean Hogs & Teslas?

In case you didn’t see it, Lean Hogs futures were up over 35% during this quarter. This was the best performing group in the entire market, more than gold, utilities, or telecom stocks. I know ….what!?!

Lean Hogs futures are contract agreements to buy or sell a set amount of hog (AKA PORK) at a predetermined price in the future. The majority of pork meat consumed in the U.S. is first traded through these futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.  I covered exchanges in my video series on the market.

Given that lean hogs were up so much, I have no desire to invest here because I think prices are overvalued. Do you agree or not? Leave a comment below.

On the other hand, we learned that Tesla Motors’ new Model 3 electric car racked up over 276,000 reservations since the company announced it would take $1,000 per reservation starting on March 31. My goodness.

In anticipation of the release, the stock went from $141 on February 8th to $237 last Friday, or almost a 68% return. Now, if you think Tesla will manufacture way more than expected, then Tesla’s stock may not be overvalued.

If you like Tesla cars, would you rather buy a Tesla or buy Tesla stock? Scroll down and leave a comment sharing your thoughts. Let’s just say that in my house, my husband asks me every day to look at the pretty picture of the Tesla – he wants to buy.

Your Action

If you want to learn how to evaluate investment opportunities like Lean Hog futures or Tesla Cars but don’t know how, drop me an email by clicking the "Contact Me" button below. I’d love to hear from you.  I think investing is super fun when one has a theme in mind to act on with the goal of making money.