The Best Date Ever

I hope today has put a smile on your face - I know I can’t stop. Why? Because by the time you read this, I will be out on the town celebrating my birthday, which explains why it’s the BEST DATE EVER! In my family, birthdays are a big deal and I’m grateful for my XY year of life. Nope, I am not telling you my age…lol!

And, the best bday message you can give me is your response to this question:

What is something you claim you want to do involving investing this year but you haven’t been able to do it yet?

You see, I’m thinking about building out an online program on investing.

Before I do, however, I need your input so I can build something you actually value.

Just leave a comment to this message below. I am eager to see your response – and it better not be a “happy birthday” without being accompanied by an answer to this question.

The Birthday Gal,


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