Special Holiday Gifts for 2016

Since Christmas is my favorite holiday, I want to get my gifts to you early. If you do not celebrate Christmas  

Yes, I got 3 for you right now.


My time and care went into developing these special gifts, so I hope you enjoy.


Gift 1: Special Tips from my interview with Farnoosh Torabi

I go behind the scenes in my interview and share what it has been like for me to raise capital, work in the very busy, crowded, competitive FinTech space. I also share some of my top investing principles, including “Being the CEO” of your money.

Check out my exclusive interview with Farnoosh HERE for all the goodies.

Farnoosh is host of the #SoMoney Podcast, and a money maven herself.


Gift 2: Top Recommendations on Where to Get Money to Invest in Your Business.

Interested in starting a business?


Well, many businesses are challenged to scale because they lack sufficient capital. While strong management expertise and a pathway to profitable growth also contribute to a positive growth trajectory, the right financial capitalization matters.


I provide specific funding sources based on affiliation—from ethnicity to geography—which can help business owners secure capital and increase financing options.


Check it out the details of my funding advice gift to you here.


Gift 3: Discounts on Your Gala Dresses


Got a holiday ball to attend?


Well, you don’t need a fairy godmother to go completely glam. Charisse Says member Jennifer Burrell, created The Frock Shop to meet your needs. The Frock Shop is a designer dress rental service that allows you to look great for every event, without breaking the bank.  It’s as simple as rent, wear, and return. And the best part? Your ensemble will last long past midnight.  Just choose your dress, look fabulous at your event and return it after you are done.  If you order online, Poof!  Your package arrives in the mail, and you are ready for that ball (or wedding, or company soirée...). Better yet for those of you in Chicago, head directly into the Chicago showroom and try on your frock before making a decision.  After the big event, just return your dress by mail or in person, no dry cleaning required. Now if only we could rent the perfect date...hey, a girl can dream.


Order Online HERE!


That’s it folks!


I hope you enjoy your gifts. Keep reading and their might be a surprise gift for you over the next few weeks.