How Much Money for Love?

Valentine’s weekend came and went but the love stays. I hope you told someone you love, romantic, platonic, or familial, that you love them. If not, stop reading this email, go do it, and come back. Go on! That person may not be here tomorrow. Each of us deserves to know that we are loved.

And, it’s because of our love for others that many of us go to work, although I hope you were off today, want to build wealth, and make sure we stay healthy. There’s no shame in this – as my grandmother told me yesterday, “I work because I like a nice lifestyle.” She’s the ultimate Badass.

But, how much money is enough to support a lifestyle today or ensure that your beloved future generations will be adequately provided for? If you’ve pondered this question,  you’re not alone. So…

Determine How Much You Will Invest This Year.

So, talk is cheap unless you take action. Write down how much you’re allocating for investing, which is separate from savings. This could be $1,000 or $10,000. Next week, I’ll share a great tip on hitting the goal. For now, write it down, ponder it, and envision it over the week.

Remember, your investing dollars reflects funds you hope will earn a return and you are building for the future. The markets are giving you a gift – low prices and a buying opportunity. If you’re in between jobs or have a loss of income, hit pause on this action because you’re in survival mode to find more income. Go get it!

The Bonus

If you’ve got a few hours to spare watch Where to Invade Next, directed and produced by Michael Moore. Check out the trailer here. I loved it! The movie will make you rethink your money priorities and expose how other countries have rebounded post the 2008 recession. 

You Can Come

And, finally, I want to personally invite all the Chicagoans to a Business Leadership Summit dinner on Wednesday, February 24th at 6pm, hosted by Willow Creek Church. I have been invited as the keynote speaker to share life and leadership lessons. You can sign-up here.