2017: The Year of Boldness

Happy 2017! I’m back after a month of rest, reflection, and rejuvenation. I feel great writing to you in this new year full of new beginnings and new possibilities.

You ready to build some wealth? I hope so – for yourself, your kids, extended family, and/or your community.

If not now, when? The cost of not doing so is high. Shall we look at how money and wealth have influenced our political system, the things we have (or not) in our communities, and why so many people feel like they’re on the lower end of the wealth spectrum – grinding it out on the daily without much to show.

I know, you may not feel like focusing on this wealth thing in the face of all this change around us.  But, the timing is perfect because it’s all related. We’ve all said goodbye to the Obamas, who I will miss dearly (forever my POTUS and FLOTUS), but their legacy will mean nothing if we do not be the change we want to see.

America’s president will not steal my thunder. He doesn’t hold that much power over me. I marched on Saturday with millions of women and men (shout out to you for your support of the women in your life) around the world. I did it not for show, but to take on our new reality with action. But, the most successful marches are those that have follow-on action after the march.

What will you want to say about yourself when you look back on this time?

This year has got to be about YOU. A big part of you is your financial health, and I want you not only to be comfortable, but to take advantage of your opportunities to invest and build wealth. I coined last year as the “Year of Action.

And for 2017, I am claiming it as…..drum roll (please) ……


Here’s what boldness means when you look it up in the dictionary:


I believe in boldness wholeheartedly, and it’s appropriate for all of us. I want you to journey with me on the #boldness bandwagon. What actions can you expect from me in this Year of Boldness:

  • Giving you bold strategies and tactics to grow your wealth
  • Raising wealth issues that will force you to pause and reflect
  • Praising members of the Charisse Says community that embody boldness in their wealth pursuits
  • Providing new products and services that you’ve demanded
  • Sharing my own investing failures and successes

And, here’s what I expect from you:

  • Commit to be bold with your wealth decisions. Don’t worry, I’m going to show you HOW
  • Share the nuggets you are inspired by via Facebook, Twitter, shared emails
  • Watch less cat (and animal) videos and replace with conversation about wealth --- smile

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2017 is the “Year of Boldness.” I’m journeying with @CharisseSays to build wealth and I’m proud of it. The time is now #boldness

It’s a privilege to write to you, and have you read my emails.

Now, we have work to do in 2017. Let’s Go!