Making Money in the Market on Drugs & Booze

There’s no surprise that the opioid crisis hits home for many families. What’s more surprising, however, is how companies and investors are taking advantage of what’s happening in our every day lives.

I consistently get the question – “Charisse, how do I make money on everyday trends or news that comes out?”

I was recently on TDAmeritrade’s Trading Live Show, talking about the drug crisis in our country, and how certain stocks are poised to benefit. In simple terms, I talk about drugs and booze, both incredibly large markets. If you love wine like me, you’re probably paying close attention. Check it out.

Now, you may feel a certain way about investing in certain companies that do not match with your own values. For instance, some people will not invest in tobacco or gun companies because they do not want to put money behind firms that make products that can harm people. Remember, your investment preferences are personal. If you’ve never thought about investing based on your values, it’s worth some thought.

Regardless of where you shake out, it’s that you understand how the markets can reflect what’s happening in our daily lives.

Leave a comment below and let me know your views on where you choose (or not) invest.