Will You Explode This July 4th?

It’s already July and it means that half the year is already over.  Yikes – But, it’s OK, there’s still 6 more months left in 2018 to enjoy life.


It’s been a long week for our country, and I trust that you will have time to take a break AND also speak up for the things you want to see change.  


I’m about to explode this week because I am full of gratitude. I feel like a big firecracker.


Here’s why:


·      I’ve been running the Charisse Says platform for 3 years, and I am beside myself. I am going to keep coming into your mailbox every week with some goodies to help you build wealth, and all I want you do is continue to share the love with your communities. Thank you for staying on the journey by reading, sharing, watching videos, taking classes, and pursuing your wealth dreams.

·      Vanessa C., one of the first members of the Charisse Says community, let me know that she has PAID OFF her student loan debt from business school. YESSSSS! That’s right – she no longer has any student loan debt hanging over her head. She expressed herself so powerfully:


“I feel so empowered and free because I have ZERO student debt”


Thank you Vanessa, for sharing such an amazing accomplishment. If you have achieved a financial accomplishment that you’d like to share, please do so in the comments section.


·      Several Charisse Says members have shared with me about the launch of their businesses in the last few weeks. If you are thinking of starting something new (albeit an entrepreneurial venture or something at your day job), I want you to remember this….


“Start Where You Are. Use What You Have. Do What You Can.”

-Arthur Ashe


Thank you, in advance, for allowing your inner voice to keep you going. You can do it, and please share your successes in the comments below so that others might be encouraged on their own journey. 


And, of course, here are a few of my takeaways from the week’s market activities:

1.     Amazon Buys Pillpack for $1 Billion. Geez, Amazon is striking again. After the Whole Foods acquisition, I wrote that we will need to keep an eye on Amazon in the years to come, and the time has already come. If you own (or are thinking of buying) CVS, Rite Aid, or Walgreens stock, which felt the pain this week from this announcement, ask yourself what is your continued investment thesis going forward.


2.     Getting to the Bottom of Thrift Store Smell. You should be laughing at this one. For all of you thrifters, who I admire for your tenacity in the stores and your ability to find a bargain, I finally have some clarity on that thrift store smell. Happy reading about iy, and I hope you continue to shop with conviction!


I wish you a wonderful July 4th holiday this week! Make sure you do some exploding as well.