3 Reflections After Being in the Boonies of PA

It’s Monday and July is in full swing ---oh my! I missed you last week on July 4th as I was in the countryside of Pennsylvania on a much-needed vacay.  I was in the Boonies!!! One of my cousins got married, and I cherished the time with family, especially ahead of the harsh week we had as a country.  I am out of words.

Perhaps you were on vacation too? If not, then you better get yours soon. It’s amazing what a recharge does for the mind and body. It gave me the opportunity to take a step back and reflect.

And, here’s a few reflections to help get your money and investments right for the next few months.

3 Reflections After Being in the Boonies of PA:

  1. The markets have come roaring back. After the Brexit debacle, the stock market has returned to previous Brexit levels. I added to my ETF positions when the market was down. I didn’t time it perfectly, but I got it in. Share any actions (or inactions) you took over the past week in the comment box below. Have you caught what’s also happening in the bond market? Well, bond yields are at their lowest level ever. You might be saying ---- who cares? I do and I’ll show you why you should too. Stay tuned for next week’s newsletter and I’ll explain why.
  1. Save for the vacation before you go. One strategy to employ is to accumulate your vacation money before you actually take the vacation. My husband and I saved the money for the hotel, food, rental car, and wedding gifts before we left, and so we could spend the money guilt-free. 
  1. Everyone needs a check-in. Staying on top of your money situation is tough, even for the most meticulous person or couple. It’s the mid-year mark and it’s important that you reassess where you are with your 2016 badass money goals. I sure did this past week. Go on’, take a look.  Ask yourself these 3 questions:
    1. Do you need to readjust your investing and savings strategy?
    2. What’s changed in your circumstance that might also affect your money situation?
    3. What tools can you use to help keep you on track?

Be Great

Serena Williams, the best tennis player to ever grace the court, won her 22nd grand slam singles title and her 14th grand slam doubles title (with my girl Venus Williams) on Saturday! Serena performed at an exceptionally high level and I want to challenge you to tune-in to your inner Serena when it comes to your finances – “Com ‘ON” – you have little choice BUT to be great.

Enjoy the week,


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