Are You Like a Bronco or Panther?

Are you like a Bronco or Panther? The football fan in me could not resist today’s question. By now, you know that the Denver Broncos crushed the Carolina Panthers in Sunday night’s Superbowl. I’m a big Peyton Manning fan, so go Broncos! In my opinion, the Broncos played harder, were more physical, and outplayed a Carolina team that was expected to dominate them on the field. And, oh yes, Denver played better defense and Cam was a no-show! When it comes to managing your money well, however, you should ask yourself if you have characteristics like a bronco or panther. Panthers are often described as incredibly intelligent and agile animals, but very quiet and cautious. On the other hand, broncos are aggressive, exert their brute strength when they need to, and often described as having a high level of endurance.

So, which of these characteristics would you use to describe yourself? Be honest.

Once you got this in your head, think about the way in which you handle your money. Are you overly aggressive when it comes to investing your money, or do you tend to be cautious? Do you like to have a lot of information before you make a decision, or do you just make a decision without gathering any intelligence?

The point is – your attitude and approach matter to how you handle your money. You need to be self-aware of so you can act appropriately for the right situation. In other cases, you might need someone else out to balance you out. Here’s my action-tip for this week…

Find Someone in Your Circle With the Opposite Disposition

Identify someone in your social circle who has a very different approach to money than you. Ask them 3 money tips they’ve used in the past year and share yours with them.

If you hang around with only people who handle their money with a panther approach, you might be too cautious. If you hang around with people who handle their money with a bronco approach, you might be too aggressive. We are influenced by our social circle and friends.

The trick is – to learn from others who have a different money perspective from you and keep the knowledge increasing!

Do you know someone who can use some encouragement on their finances today? Send them this email blog post or leave a comment to share whether or steer more toward a Bronco or Panther.