Get Your Money Right: Stocks You Can’t Miss, Fertility & Naps, and Gifts

I hope that you are hanging in there, and getting excited for the holidays. We are well into the first week in December, and there’s only a few weeks left in 2018.


It was good to see the market remain roughly flat today after the market tumbled ferociously on Tuesday. If you are unclear as to why the market crashed, it can be summed up by investor fears, the negative effect of US-China trade wars, and continued concern over our economy. For more details, check out this this WSJ article on “Dow Tumbles Nearly 800 Points as Trade Jitters Return.”


As you prepare to close out the final weeks of the year, I want to leave you with a few thoughts as it relates to this holiday season and your money:


·      Set Your 2019 Portfolio Up For Success. In light of the market turmoil, many Charisse Says members have asked me about what stocks they should buy. Here’s what I say – although it is very difficult to emotionally push the “buy” bottom when stocks are diving, I believe that you can make good money buying on dips. You should check with your financial advisor to see what’s going to fit with your long-term investment goals and desires. That said, I read a very timely Investor Place article on “10 Defensive Stocks to Protect Your Portfolio in 2019,” and it is a good piece that provides rationale on embedding defensive stocks in your portfolio. In short, these stocks tend to have good dividend yields and good cash flows – cha ching, especially in moments like this!

·      Experiment with new ideas that save you money. There’s no time like the present to patronize businesses that help put money back in your pocket. Whether it’s trying out Nubundle, whose mission is to bring clarity, confidence, and affordability to family planning and fertility care, or paying $25 to take a mid-day nap at The Dreamery in NY, new businesses are often looking for a way to disrupt the status quo. As consumers, we reap to benefit the rewards. Know any exciting new companies that put money back in your pocket? Share in the comments section below.

·      Don’t go broke (or get too stressed) gift-buying. Regardless of your religious affiliation, December is gift-giving time. Please be sure to watch those dollars so that you have money left over at the end of the season. Regardless of the gifts you buy, your true friends and family are still going to love you come January (well, most of them…hehe). Trying to figure out what to buy, and then negotiating with yourself on how much you choose to spend on a gift, can be stressful for many. Do yourself a favor and don’t feed into the hype of trying to stay up with the Joneses. As an alternative, check out these great gift ideas that will also save you dollars.


So, get your money right and continue to closeout 2018 strongly. Here’s a formula for success:

Set a goal.

Make a plan.

Get to work.

 Stick to it.

Reach the goal.

Let me know below what’s on your mind below as it relates to investments and building wealth.