How Do You Live Your Best Life?

We’re full into the swing of August, and as I’ve reflected on this week, I realize that I am at my best when I am surrounded – whether in person, in the calls and emails, or in my memories - by the people I love.


I believe that when I tap into my best self, I stay motivated to do the things that keep me moving forward – ensuring that I am (and the people around me are) financially secure, dreaming boldly, and creating an impact on the world around me.


I want you to ponder two questions this week…


When are you at your best?

How does your best self affect your decisions around money?


Share your thoughts below in the comments section.


As you ponder, take a look at my favorite stories from the last few weeks that could help you build wealth and take advantage of opportunity:


·      Three Ways to Lead by Example – I wrote this article for American Express, where I provide advice for business owners and company leaders to lead by example during periods of transition. When the status quo shifts at a company, employees or fellow co-workers may be looking to you for cues on how to handle it. If you are not a business owner but certainly know one working hard to grow their firm, send this article to them so that it may help them build the wealth in spite of tough times.

·      How to Be an Ace Salary Negotiator, Even if You Hate Conflict – I received a lot of comments and questions after my “Speak Up For What You Want” post, where I urged you to be vocal about the things you want. One of the main questions was – Charisse, how do I speak up on my job for a higher salary? Well, this recent New York Times article provides great advice on exactly how to negotiate, even if you are someone who hates conflict. My favorite line – “You wouldn’t buy a car without haggling, because it’s a cultural norm, Dr. Babcock said. The same should be true when it comes to your salary and benefits package.” So TRUE!

·      Apple’s Revenue Continues to Climb – By now, I’m sure you have heard about Apple’s strong 2Q earnings, which helped drive the value of the company over the $1 trillion mark. Let this settle in – Apple is the first U.S company to hit this mark, giving it a value greater than the gross domestic product (GDP) of most countries in the world, including Turkey, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan. The company continues to sell its popular new iPhone models, and penetrate emerging markets with its products. Are you still sitting on the sideline with owning Apple stock? Do you own it in your 401k or Roth IRA? What other tech companies benefit from Apple’s rise? Pay attention to how exposed you are to the company because while times are good now, high expectations for the company can always cause trouble for stock prices. 

·      In An Innovative Move, Zara Stores Supply Online – Need some innovation motivation? Zara, the fast-fashion Spanish-headquartered giant is equipping its brick-and-mortar stores to ship online.  The repurpose of the stores is a strategic move to get online purchases in the hands of its customers quicker because it can potentially ship the clothes from a store closer to their home.  The move, in part, is symptomatic of the overall retail industry’s efforts to compete with Amazon, which is the behemoth that has dominated online selling.  Pay attention to how Zara fares in the months to come to see if this new innovative strategy will help boost sales, and whether other U.S. companies will follow suit. 



Keep on dreaming and living so that you too can be your best self.