Laughter & Big Financial News

I’m checking in on you in the middle of the day today. Your fellow members of the Charisse Says community liked that I did so last week, so I’m trying again. If you need a laugh, press play again on the BBC video with the Dad side-swiping his little girl as she playfully interrupts him on live television. If you haven’t seen it, you’ve been working too hard, and I’m not judging you for missing out (wink wink).

In a follow-up interview, it is clear that the Dad loves his kids. While I do not have kids, I have plenty of godchildren and nieces and nephews, and I am a child of beautiful parents. Recently, I’ve gotten a lot of interest from parents about what they should be doing to help save and invest for their kids. I’m collecting the list and so if you have specific questions, please leave them on my blog so that we can address.

To get the ball rolling, here’s a few to ponder for your life, or for those around you with little ones:

  • What’s my retirement nugget (dollar value) that would allow me to set up my kids for success?
  • What kind of insurance coverage do I need to ensure that my kids are covered?
  • If I have godchildren with whom I might be responsible for down the line, am I prepared to financially support them?
  • Is a 529 right for me?

Keep Watching

And while we are laughing at funny videos, the market continues to roll forward. Over the last week, all eyes have been on energy prices, which have tanked. Remember what I said last week – stick to your investment philosophy and be cautious of your own human biases. A New York Times article highlighted that “Oil Price Drop Triggers Herd Mentality in Selling.” Have a read and let me know your thoughts on my blog.

Also, I read this comprehensive article on “The High Cost of Health Care in America.” Considering that health care has taken on a bigger and bigger piece of our wallets, we will need to see how Washington deals with this continued crisis. Oh boy!

And, a special shout-out to all my Pisces compadres. My husband’s birthday was yesterday (go, honey!) and mine was earlier in the month, and so I hope you too are celebrating with the close Pisces in your life!