Pearl's Wisdom Lives In You

I hope this Sunday finds you in good spirits. We had stock market turmoil due to the tariff debacle, we had a Dropbox IPO, and we had high school students inspiring adults to take action on gun control.
All of that is worthy news, but I want to share some of Pearl’s wisdom to get you thinking differently about the week ahead, particularly amidst all the angst. Pearl was a phenomenal woman whose story is worth knowing.
So, who was Pearl?
Pearl was born in Mobile Alabama in 1927, and was the youngest of 11 children. She migrated to New York in 1950, got married and had three children. She worked as a chambermaid, and took pride in being a good wife and mother. She and her husband purchased a brownstone in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, and joined other families in creating a peaceful environment for their kids. She could never have imagined that Cobble Hill would one day turn into one of the hottest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. She gave her progeny an asset that remains in the family until this day.
Eventually, her kids had kids, and Pearl delighted in being a grandmother. She remained a constant fixture in her grandchildren’s lives – always showering them with gifts, food, and unconditional love. Her house became the bedrock for many fond memories, from Sunday dinners to holiday gatherings.
I was one of those grandkids, who loved to soak up Pearl’s wisdom:

  • Whatever life throws your way, keep fighting through it
  • A smile goes a long way to make life better
  • Without your family, you don’t have much
  • Take care of your teeth – it only gets harder as you get older
  • Never forget where you come from

This past March 16th, Pearl died at the age of 90. She was a one-of-a-kind grandmother whose story is worth telling over and over again.

And, while I cannot sum up her life in a single blog post, my hope is that you have a glimpse of her life because I want you to have one just as full and LONG.
We can learn a lot from the older people in our lives, related to us or not. They make us wealthy by giving us their experiences, their wisdom, and their legacies.
Grandma Pearl will be missed by many, especially me. Find the Pearl in your life that inspires you to live life to the fullest.
For my fellow Christian brothers and sisters, enjoy this Holy Week!