Slow Down, Reflect, and Focus

I can’t believe it’s the beginning of May.


It’s time to slow down, reflect, and focus. The excitement around the start of 2018 has subsided a bit, and my sense is that you’ve been feeling as if you have been on the run.


If you have, there’s no time like the present to take some time to figure out what you want to accomplish over the next few months, and for the remaining of the year. We can often get to caught up in going to work, taking care of family, and we forget about our dreams and desires. The rat race sometimes also prevents us from planning our finances the way we want to. 


One way to slow down is to take some time off, a little vacation. But, in case you do not have that luxury in the near future, plan a night out for yourself. That’s right – make a date with yourself and hold it sacred so that you have the ability to reflect and focus. Albeit for one or two hours, you’ll be glad that you’ve made the investment in you. Here are three questions you should ponder:


·      What did I want to accomplish this year, and how am I doing towards that goal?

·      What are some financial decisions that I made this year? What are the positive ones, and what are the negative ones?

·      What investments do I want to make in the next six months?


If you have entrepreneurial aspirations, don’t give up on them. Entrepreneurial ventures provide a pathway to building wealth. You need to reflect and focus on what you to achieve, and how you are going to get there.


In that vein, I want to invite you to join me as I speak on a panel, "Funding Deep Dive: The Benefits of Giving Away Equity," on May 20th in Chicago at the FinFoundHer conference. FinFoundHer is two days of immersive workshops for Female Tech Founders to come together with industry experts and investors to accelerate their companies’ growth and fundraising. 


I will share my journey as an entrepreneur and as a venture capitalist. In this panel, you will get your chance to get a peek behind the curtain from me and my fellow panelists. I will share what you need to do to earn VC/Angel investment and what to avoid in the process. You can also use my special code: CHARISSEFFH for a 40% discount on your ticket by registering here


It's time for action, so ensure that you have the time to slow down, reflect, and focus in order to make your dreams a reality.