it’s the start of 2019. YES!!!!


I’ve missed you, and I’m ready to journey with you in 2019. Are you ready to journey with me? I hope that you’ve had the chance to reflect over the last few weeks about 2018 and what you want in 2019. Remember, the world is your oyster, regardless of how old or young you are – it’s about your attitude to claim what’s yours.


Over the past month, I received many questions about how to stay focused on wealth building, and how to step up the game here. When I got to the heart of these questions, it’s clear that many Charisse Says members are dealing with many changes in their lives, both small and big. And, it is change (or the coming of change) that forces us to re-evaluate whether we are setting up ourselves well financially, taking advantage of opportunity, or preparing properly for the unexpected.


So, I’m claiming 2019 as the year to (drumroll please)….




Even outside of our personal lives, the markets are always changing, we face a sad change in how our U.S. government is managed (I’m not going to get into our shut-down), the global economy is zigging and zagging, and there is an onslaught of news that changes our perspective daily - just to name a few!


Well, I am here to help you embrace change so that you can have the life you want.


I am going to start things off by sending you a DAILY email for the next 14 days (the remainder of January). I am going to get you on the right footing to embrace change and set-up 2019 to be the best year yet.


What to expect? For the next 14 days, I’ll share some detailed reflections on key learnings from my life and those of other Charisse members that will help you grow and advance. Yes, there will be articles, musings, and tips/tricks to advance your pursuit of wealth.


If you have a question or something to contribute, please leave a comment below.


Settle in, and buckle up! Looking forward to our journey this year.