Let's Take Your Investing to the NEXT LEVEL!

I hope this first week of May is finding you in good spirits. Today, the House passed a proposal to over-haul the Affordable Care Act, and this would bring big changes to health care coverage. While the proposal would still have to go through the Senate, here’s a quick guide, from the WSJ, on how these changes might affect your money.

And if you (or have empathy on those who are) affected by the Affordable Care Act, you still have a voice in advocating to your local government officials, which at this time are your Senators. Please use your voice.

Affordable Care Act or not, health care costs are rising across the board and this affects us all. Some people are using a health spending account through their employers or other ways to invest and save for health care expenses. Please share any strategies you have used.


I recently received this question from a Charisse Says member:

“Charisse, how do I invest in the stock market without losing too much money?”

Well, the timing is perfect because I just announced the new online stock investing class, “NEXT LEVEL: Making Money in the Stock Market,” this past Sunday to help address this fear. I want to give you the tools to take your investing prowess to the next level.  Don’t worry – there’s still time to get in for the inaugural class, which starts May 18th. We’ve already had members of the Charisse Says community sign-up.  Yes!

As a reminder, in the class, you will:

  • Learn how to make money buying and selling stocks with your current budget
  • Get unlimited access to the class modules and bonus content, which are available to you anytime and anywhere you want
  • Join weekly group calls with me to get your investment questions answered and join a community of like- minded individuals

By the end of the class, you will:

  • Know how to do solid research on companies before you buy them
  • Buy 5 stocks in a paperMoney account
  • Develop a personal investing strategy, after I teach you how Warren Buffett and other well know investors have made money investing

I received so many requests to extend early registration access for Charisse Says members through 11:59pm TONIGHT.  If you sign-up by then, you will get $100 off (Use Discount Code: LOYALTY).

Tomorrow, I will open registration to the entire world, and the price will go up. So, get your seat now before the price rises.

Ready to go NEXT LEVEL and have the lifestyle you want for you and your family?  Class starts on May 18th. Click on the button below to sign-up.