You Have Questions! I Have Answers!

It’s Hump-day, and I hope this Wednesday sends a smile to your face.  I have some great advice for you on how to add a global perspective to your investment approach. Before then, I have GREAT NEWS! Your fellow Charisse Says subscribers have grabbed up seats for the upcoming NEXT LEVEL: How to Make Money  in the Stock Market class, starting on May 18th. They are ready to develop their own investing strategies, buy and sell stocks with confidence, and learn from people who’ve had success investing.

Are you ready? It’s not too late for you, or someone you love. You can even give the class as a gift to a phenomenal mother. Don’t let fear stop you! That said, I want to answer your questions about the NEXT LEVEL course.

Can you ask me your questions directly before you sign up for this class?

ABSOLUTELY – I’ve made it easy!

I am hosting a SPECIAL WEBINAR tomorrow, Thursday, May 11th at 7:30pm CST to answer your questions and talk about all of things you will learn and do in this class. For all those who sign up and attend this webinar, I am offering a $75 discount off registration.

You can sign-up and submit your questions HERE!

If you asked yourself, can I make monthly payments over one year?

Here is the answer - YES!

I’m now allowing students to pay in installments over the course of the year. Check out the class details and get your spot to have the financial future you want. Seats are filling up quickly, so don’t miss your chance.

Now, onto that global perspective on investing…

With all the chaos in Washington, there’s so much activity globally, with new presidents elected in France and North Korea.

I recently got asked – how do I manage my investments with a global perspective and ability to take advantage of what’s happening in global markets? I attended a conference yesterday, and I was reminded that we are all connected globally.

Well, my short answer: I think it’s smart to incorporate a global perspective into your investments. One of the best ways that I’ve done so is through international equity mutual funds and exchange traded funds, where appropriate.  When my international funds are performing well, my U.S. funds and ETFs are sometimes performing poorly, and vice versa.  Now, this isn’t always the case because some international markets are highly correlated with U.S. stock movements, which dampens the effect of them moving in opposite directions.

I know this sounds counter-intuitive – wouldn’t I want all my stocks to do well at the same time? Not necessarily. It’s important for you to diversify your holdings so that you can protect yourself in case all your stocks go down at the same time. Most people neglect the downward cycled. As the adage goes, you do not want all your eggs in one basket and setting up a diverse portfolio is helpful to manage risk  (aka “in case Sh$t happens – and, it happens in investments)!

Do you have other questions or needs that you want to hear about? Email me.

Until then, have a great week and so pumped for all the mothers celebrating Mother’s day. Happy early mother’s day! A big shout-out to my mom, Barbara Conanan – she rocks and is an astute investor.