Stepping Up Your Financial Game

As you get ready for the holidays, remember to find some peace and respite amidst what can be a crazy time.  

This week, I’ve received a question that gets to the heart of it all. If you’re part of the Charisse Says community, I know you’ve pondered this question at some point this year:

How can I step up my financial game?

Fortunately, I’ve thought about these questions too, and I’m going to provide some answers that will keep you moving.


  • In the short term, watch 1 hour less of TV THIS week and spend that time planning your finances for 2018 – Reflect on how things went this past year. As I talked about last week, celebrate your smart money moves from 2017. Also, you must identify what didn’t go right. One money mistake I made was leaving too much of my investment portfolio in cash. I’m kicking myself because the market has been on fire.
  • Take a class. You have to take action if you want to see something different. Stop talking and start doing. I know you’re saying, “But Charisse, How?” Well, ….Guess what? I’m here to help because it is easier said than done I’m offering a class next year to help you Save, Invest, Pay Down debt, and Protect yourself while living the life you want. Sign-up here if you’re interested in getting a plan for attack with yours truly. More info on the class, called SIPPin and Living, will be forthcoming, but I need to know who’s potentially with me now so we can plan according.
  • Find a financial advisorCheck out my video on why financial advisors are beneficial, and how to find one for yourself. And, for those of you who have kids on the way, or already have young ones, don’t miss your chance to find an advisor that can help you achieve your larger family’s goals.
  • Continue to find low-cost investment vehicles. I’ve talked about ETFs in the past, and I’m going to keep pounding the table on these vehicles because you will save money on fees over the long-run. As a reminder, here’s my fun video on how ETF’s work. If you don’t believe in the power of ETFs, consider this fact - $600 billion has been plowed into ETFs in the last 11 months, according to the WSJ. The global net flows into ETFs over the last 5 years have reached record heights. I believe that one of the main reasons for record flows is that ETFs offer such a cost-effective product and the ability to generate market returns.
  • Be Bold. Boldness has been 2017’s theme and in order to step it up, you have to make bold moves. Are you going to ask for a raise at your job? Are you going to pick a retirement age and number you want to achieve? Are you going to launch that business? Whatever your bold move may be, step into it.


The end of the year provides the perfect opportunity for you to step up your financial game. If you can commit to just one action that you will implement in 2018, you will be on your way to steppin’ up. Think about what action this will be.