Take a Break Everyday

We are smack dab in the middle of summer, and the year. I can’t believe it! Were you able to sit down in the last couple of weeks and do a check-in on how you are tracking on your money and investment goals, as we discussed at the beginning of the month? Well, perhaps you will be encouraged by several people who have successfully achieved their investment goals. Specifically, these are my students who just finished the 8-week class - NEXTLEVEL: How to Make Money  in the Stock Market , which ended this past Saturday. Students developed their own investing strategies, are now on the road to buying and selling stocks with confidence, and learned from people who’ve had success investing. Here’s some initial feedback:

“I feel soooooo empowered and THAT much more informed!!!!”

Don’t worry, you’ll here more about how you can get some of this goodness for yourself soon.

I know focusing on you (and your money) can be difficult because so much is going on in your personal life and around us too – the health care bill saga, the stock market surge, and the challenges that some of our fellow global citizens are facing.

And, I know its probably information overload. Perhaps you may want to re-charge a bit, and I have the perfect question for you….

Do you need a break?

If the answer is “Yes,” what’s stopping you? Many people point to money or lack of time. Whatever your reason, I want to encourage you to do so. Many Charisse Says readers have shared with me inexpensive ways to take some time off, albeit doing a staycation or finding global destinations that are yearning for tourists. For instance, one member shared with me that he is on his way to Greece for $850 per person, including flight and hotel, since the country is desperately trying to attract visitors.  If you take the trip route, re-assessing your money and investment goals will provide the perfect exercise to let you know how feasible this is for you.

But, I also have good news for you who are in predicaments where a trip is truly out of reach right now….You can take a break every day! Whether it’s a walk in the fresh sunny air, some quiet time in the bathroom (don’t judge me), or talking to a friend who only wants you to share what’s going on in your life.

If you have taken a break, I hope you aren’t feeling like you are back on the rat wheel between work, family obligations, and all of those personal goals (e.g. abs of steel, investing in the stock market, etc.) you want to accomplish.

I fit in this camp - I took a break over July 4th weekend to celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday (Remember this name – Pearl Conanan – as she is truly remarkable), and my young cousin’s 1st birthday (Remember the name – Morgan Springer – as she will have a major impact on this world). It was special, timely, and an unforgettable circle-of-life moment with my family and friends. When I got back, I was thrust back into the daily grind. I had to quickly employ the strategies I just mentioned, and all is better.  Try it!

Enjoy this precious week.