Three Things to Know About Finance This Week

I hope July is off to a fantastic start. The Fourth of July is tomorrow - yipee! I am looking forward to enjoying good picnic food and fireworks with friends and family. What are your plans? Tell me in the comments. It is a great time to take an hour or so and review your finances and investments for the year. I know - between the food and the fireworks in the evening, this might be hard. But, perhaps the morning or early afternoon might provide some good brain space. If not, set your sight on a money sit-down over the weekend.  We are halfway through our 2017 year of boldness and it’s a great chance to re-evaluate the bold steps we want to take, and make any necessary changes so that you get the wealth results you want.


Since it is a holiday week, I want to share some quick yet insightful reads. You can read these at the beach, the pool, or the comfort of your couch:

  1. Millennials are not buying homes. I am a border baby (I sit right on the cusp of Millennial and Gen X), so this realization hits home. This a big change from (our) their parents who saw homes as the ultimate American dream. So what are (we) they doing? Business Insider explains. I do believe these trends will have an effect on overall wealth in our generation.
  2. Did you see Blue Apron make its stock debut? Well, this Market Watch article features the good and the bad. I've not used Blue Apron, but this one should be interesting to follow in the months and years to come. Let me know if you took the plunge and bought.
  3. As a human interest piece, this article from Business Insider talks about life on Wall Street for young financial professionals.  These young chaps are often involved in the decisions that affect our money, regardless of age. In short, inclusion and impact matter. As a former Wall Street financier, I can appreciate the spotlight on the industry.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday! I look forward to hearing how you spend the day.