Babies, Apple, and Lyft – Change is All Around!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend, albeit engrossed in the Mueller Report and/or March Madness basketball. I’ve been keeping up with both, and each has been fun in its own way.

And, I’ve had other thoughts to occupy my mind now that Spring has officially showed up in our lives. Specifically, my husband and I are getting ready for the arrival of our baby girl in less than five weeks. That’s right – we will experience the life-changing journey of parenting, God-willing. So, my theme this year of Embracing Change is particularly meaningful for me for many reasons. And, all 14 days of Embracing Change, from “staying relevant” to “using your voice,” will be applicable for me in a whole new way.

Since many of you are already parents, I suspect that many things have changed in your life with the arrival of your little people, and growth of them into big people. I have no doubt that your money and strategies to pursue wealth have been influenced by your children. Well, as I embark on this journey, I look forward to hearing your stories, sharing my stories, and putting a new spin on how I see the world. I already know now from being a godmother and surrogate auntie that kids are expensive, and if you do not plan properly, things can get little rough.

And, if you are yearning to be a parent, but it has not happened yet, know that I yearn with you and wish that you get the desires of your heart. In the interim, I’m sure you will continue to play an important role in the lives of the children and young adults around you.

As I get ready for the change in our lives, I’ve been devouring financial news content like there’s no tomorrow. Here are my musings on a few events that reflect the changes around us, and what it means for you:


The Lyft IPO is Coming: By now, I’m sure you’ve heard or read about the upcoming Lyft IPO. Well, it should be here in a few days/weeks. I’ve written extensively about how IPOs work, but if you need a refresher, please check out my video on the topic – it’s filled with music from Diana Ross’s “I’m Coming Out,” so you are in for a treat if you haven’t seen it yet. Remember that by the time these IPO opportunities come to the public, a lot of money has already been made.

Are you a Lyft rider? Are you considering investing in this company based on what you know from experiencing the company as a consumer? Before you make a decision, check out this MarketWatch article, Lyft IPO: 5 Things to Know About the Ride-hailing Company Ahead of its IPO.” Share your thoughts below about whether you think there’s opportunity to make money by participating NOW when Lyft comes to the public markets.

Apple Is Expanding Beyond Its Cash Cow: Apple is finally ready to diversify away from its iPhone, which has acted like a cash cow for the company for years. The New York Times reported that Apple will offer “a new video-subscription service to carry original programming.” When Oprah comes out to promote a new offering, as she did at Apple’s headquarters, you know that expectations are high for the new service. As you can see below, Apple’s stock has been down 15% over the last year, and has trailed the S&P 500 index, which has only been down 4%.

Apple stock.PNG

Source: Yahoo Finance

So, we will need to watch whether the new service will contribute significantly to growth and earnings, and ultimately, effect Apple’s stock price. Again, share your thoughts below and let me know if you are more positive or negative on the news.

Cheating Never Prospers. I’ve been disgusted by the college-admissions scam, which keeps getting worse and worse as more details come to light. The Wall Street Journal’s article, ‘He Had the Magic Elixir’: How the College Cheating Scandal Spread,’ provides a blow-by-blow detail on how the scam spread like a wildfire. I want you to take away 3 things:

  • There’s always a story behind money, wealth, and power. Allow yourself to always question how things happen when money, wealth, and power are at the forefront.

  • Cheating the system, especially when it affects others, can often seem like the easy way to gain money, power, and access. Take a long-term view and don’t cut corners.

  • Be careful who you trust with your financial future. You know I feel strongly here – do your homework and do not follow the crowd.

Overall, I’m so happy that the media has taken to task the offenders.

That’s it - Enjoy this last week of March!